WHAT Counterfeiting Problem

Counterfeit medicines cost the lives of thousands of people every year. It is an international problem contributing to illness, death, toxicity, and drug resistance.

Counterfeits are found in all types of medicines from expensive drugs to treat cancer to low-cost anti-TB drugs. A counterfeit medicine is a compound that is not made by an authorized manufacturer but is presented to you as if it were.

Since counterfeit drugs are not made by the legitimate manufacturer and are produced under unlawful circumstances, toxic contaminants or lack of proper ingredients may results in serious harm, or even death.

HOW Can I Verify My Medicine

Look for the authentication code on the medicine package

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SMS code to 99010 99010

Instantly receive verification from manufacturer

WHYVerify My Medicine

Across the developing world and in emerging markets, the problem is particularly acute.

The difficulty of counterfeit medicines is that non experts cannot tell the difference between a real and a counterfeit.. The packages are the same, the shape and size identical, but the substances inside do not contain the correct active ingredients and may be filled instead with harmful or ineffective elements.

Authenticating your medicine empowers you and your loved ones to know that the medicines they purchase are genuine products.

WHERE Can I Find the Medicine Codes